Friday, January 14, 2005

They're only words...

And words can mean so much - even if you can't control them. Even in the interview in which he very almost fessed up to some world changing blunders, the words got the better of him. I'm not quite sure what he was getting at with:
Sometimes, words have consequences you don't intend them to mean,

but it kind of sums up the whole story.

I think the words are actually running the country and using Bush as a vehicle. But where did these words come from? Hard to say, but words, if spoken enough times, can join forces, become more powerful, until they have a life of their own.

Take "Bring it on". How may people in the country were thinking that, or saying it to their friends and workmates before Bush uttered those words. Reading the message boards from time to time, its pretty common to see things like "Nuke the Middle East", or "Kill them all". Such fighting talk is a form of mass hysteria, that builds momentum. Usually, it is without consequence. But in some cases, the words find a mind they can control. And then, well, anything is possible.

Yahoo! News - Bush Admits Misgivings About Famed Phrases


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