Wednesday, June 20, 2007

iPhone - uLose your hands

While the iPhone is cool and all that, one thing I haven't seen anyone mention is that you need two hands to use it.

As any power blackberry user will tell you, its all about using one hand. Scroll wheel, buttons, even the keyboard can be used while you are:
a) Drinking your Blended No-Whip Mochiatta
b) Driving
c) Gesticulating wildly
d) All of the above

You can also do this with most phones. With the iPhone you have to hold it, and use the other hand to actually use the thing. I guess you could use your nose, tongue, etc. but, well, you get the point.

I just got (through work) a cingular 8525:

and, while its a little thicker than the iPhone, it has most of the same features, but is also really configurable (iPhone skin anyone) and you can write your own programs for it (windows mobile). I would like the gyroscope thingies for landscape mode, and some of the gestures (like zoom-in and off), but you can use it one handed to read emails, phone and do most things, and it also has a keyboard if you want to write really long emails. I can also view pdfs, powerpoints, word docs, etc.

Lets see how long it takes for others to notice this slight design flaw.

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