Thursday, February 17, 2005

Cumming onto me?

The funniest thing I've seen in a while is the new Cologne named for Alan Cumming. Following in the footsteps of many a fragrant celeb (think JLo, even ancient Liz Taylor), the new parfum is named simply Cumming.

According to sources the cologne will cost $69 and will be available at the high-end retail beauty chain Sephora. Why that price tag? “I thought it was [priced at $69] to be funny, but I don’t know,” Cumming said. “I didn’t choose that.”

“It’s got truffle in it, it’s got edge in it, it’s got smokiness,” he said. “Imagine there’s a big basket of fruit that was really, really ripe and the way that it smells so sexy just before it goes off. It’s just that smell. That’s the way I think about it.”

Even better are the other items in the collection - Cumming Clean seems like a soap and Cumming All Over a body spray. Wonder what the mouth wash will be called.