Friday, May 12, 2006

Da Vinci Code - Eurostar Quest

I had some time to look at the Eurostar Quest
today. YADVCP (Yet Another Da Vinci Code Promotion).

Some of the puzzles were pretty simple (like the shakespeare google lookup), some were annoying (I hate sliding puzzles), others quite challenging (where the hell is the A in the photos - spent ages looking for that). Someone on the Brand New Eurostar Blog (why would someone bother, a single post like this in an existing blog is good enough for comments, right?) posted where it was, but that's cheating, right?

The hardest (for me anyway) was the blueprints puzzle. So tough, I had to take a screenshot.

The idea was to move the blueprint segments (20 of them) around until the drawing was complete - they were mixed up to start with. The numbers at the bottom only appear for about 5 seconds when you use help, which is available twice. The fact I have a screenshot here with numbers on is a hint on how to solve it...

As for the final puzzles. Hmm. I don't think I did too well on the time based things. I got the Cryptex in 1:04, the safe in 54s, somehow I don't think that's fast enough : (

Looking forward to another challenge on May 19th. Will have to schedule it in around the DVCQoG, though : )

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Anonymous WookieLNX said...

The key to the Cryptex and the Safe was not only your speed. It was primarily the number of attempts. If there is a tie on the number of attempts, then it will take the fastest times with the fewest number of attempts. I had 4 attempts on the Crytpex with about 1 minute and 3 attempts on the safe in about 1:04.

11:25 AM  
Anonymous Wookielnx said...

This is from the Rules page:

You must complete the End of Level Puzzles in the fewest attempts. To win an End of Level Prize, you must be amongst the players from your Territory who complete the End of Level Puzzle in the fewest attempts. If two or more players complete an End of Level Puzzle in the same number of attempts, the players with the fastest time will be chosen from your Territory.

There will be 5 total winners who will all compete in London for the top prize.

11:28 AM  

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