Thursday, May 11, 2006

Update 1 - Da Vinci Code Quest on Google

For some reason, as you can see above, you get two. One from, the other from They confirm that we will not know if we qualified until May 15th - Monday.

The actual text is:
Thank you for participating in "The Da Vinci Code" Quest on Google.

This email is to confirm that you have completed all 24 puzzles within the quest and successfully registered for a chance to participate in the final challenge. Well done!

We will be contacting the 10,000 finalists on Monday 5/15 via email regarding their cryptex shipment. Within that email the 10,000 finalists will also receive instructions on how to participate in the final challenge.

All remaining players who finished the quest will also receive a surprise message via email.

Thank you all for participating in "The Da Vinci Code" Quest on Google and making it such a success. We hope you enjoyed playing.

This doesn't stop people making things people from making things up. There's a guy called Gary over at Warp Whistle, that swears he's got the tracking code for his Cryptex. Where are they shipping his from? Outer Mongolia? I doubt if they are in teh mail yet to arrive May 18th.

I have to ask though, why would someone lie about such a thing? Is he a mega troll? Trying to get a rise out of people? Plain stupid? Hard to tell. I'm 99.99% convinced its a lie though.

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