Saturday, May 20, 2006

We switched to Vonage - how about you?

Last week we finally said goodbye to SBC (now AT&T again) and said hello to Vonage. Well, actually we didn't say anything, just a few clicks on their website

For $14.99 / month we get 500 minutes of long-distance, which is fine for us cos we use mainly cell phones for that anyway, but also get cheap international - UK 2cs, India 17cs. They transfered our old SBC number in just a week, and so far the service is impeccable. Getting email alerts for voicemail is one of the many added bonuses.

We have Comcast high speed cable for our broadband connection (can reach 8Mbs), and have been looking for an alternative to SBC for a while. I thought about skype, but lack of a phone adaptor (that doesn't require a PC), non-duplex connection and other annoying things ruled it out. Comcasts own phone service is $40 a month, Vonage is less than $15 - a no brainer really.

I got the Linksys phone adaptor - mainly because I've been unhappy with other makes, and Motorolo seems to generally suck at anything phone related (sorry RAZR fans).

So here's the deal. If you are on broadband already (Cable only, DSL will make things complicated cos you still need the land-line for that), and want a cheap reliable phone service, you should give it a try. If you are on dial-up, you can get Comcast Internet + Vonage for less than ATT phone + dial-up, so it's a win-win.

If you would like a referral, and one month's credit (in addition to that you get already if you go for the 24.99 rate), email me at, give me your email address, and I'll give you a referal.

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