Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Da Vinici Code Quest Cheaters

On the GoogleFact blog there are two posts that claim to have received two Cryptexes. One from a husband and wife, one from someone using two Google Ids.

It seemed pretty clear in the rules that you could only enter once, with one google ID, and that there was only one prize per household, apart from if you win the Cryptex and the Grand Prize.
Jeff Blankenburg said...

I actually got two cryptexes in the mail today. One for me, and one for my wife. I figure if we team up, our second try at the content ought to go pretty well.

here's to $40K in taxes!!!
H-sizzle said...

Yay! My cryptexes arrived! (I entered twice, with 2 gmail accounts...)
I've posted this to Wei-Hwa Huang's blog in the hope that he can do something about this cheating, since he was instrumental in the puzzle creation.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sounds like the second guy was really a cheater, but the husband and wife sound more like Google's problem than theirs. Sure it says one prize per household, but it never said one entry per household, so they both could have entered. Google should have just filtered them out before sending the cryptexes out. Really, same thing for the cheater, unless he used 2 mailing addresses.

Who knows... Google isn't playing by their own rules. There were no screenshots included with my cryptex, which the rules said there would be... Hopefully they'll change the rules about the taxes, or nobody will be able to afford to win anyway.

11:33 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Get over people cheating. This prize was set up so that nobody can win.
Picture the marketing meeting when Sony discussed this... How do we get more people to our movie with a contest? Their other lame movie related contests didn't help increase the number of moviegoers. So they need a huge contest. But they don't have the budget... so they stucture it so the taxes are so huge that anyone with half a brain would have to reject the prize... but what if someone without a brain wins in a random drawing contests? Well, we'll have to have the contest have puzzles to find people with brains. But that takes work, and servers, and money. We'll need a partner... How about Google? What about cheaters? who cares... if they win then we can just disqualify them anyway and still not have to pay the prize. It's a no lose situation for Sony. Google does the work and takes the heat for problems. Sony builds excitement about their movie and doesn't have to pay any prize money. Fun fun fun

10:19 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Some guy is selling their spot in the final round on ebay. Sheesh.


11:28 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The game is flawed! Yes, people can cheat. The final phase is a time trial. So, if one is able to solve the puzzle and posts it on the internet, the second player can get all the answers and solve the puzzle in the faster time. Also you have 10000++ contestants having to see the movie because I'm pretty sure that one of the puzzles will be answered only by watching the movie...

3:52 PM  
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