Monday, August 21, 2006

Free Energy, Free Marketing, or Free Lunch?

OK, so there's a US patent as well, you can check out the United States Patent Application: 0060066428 here.

If you don't know what I'm talking about, check out the Steorn Challenge and my last Blog Post.

It's got some artist drawings as well as the line drawings from the European patent. So here's the question everyone is asking.

Do they really think they have something, or is this just one big marketing ploy?

If its marketing, what the hell is it they are, in fact, marketing?

Is it just that they're good at marketing, and they want to sell, erm, marketing services? Or are they just trying to make the Steorn name so (in)famous that they can then sell some other mediocre product?

I mean, remember the whole thing about Segway? The whole IT business? How many people thought that IT was going to be a matter transporter and not, as it turned out, a Sinclair C5 on steroids?

You can imagine the results of the 12 person scientific jury:

"Well, it wasn't exactly OU, but these microgenerators are pretty neat. You just have to wind them up and they can power a cell phone for 30 minutes"

Interest parties should also check out some of Butch Lafonte's work. Try the Equilibrium Motor for example.

There are a lot of the same ideas, but he's been doing it for, it seems, quite a bit longer. Basically using magnetic shielding to get more energy out than you put in. The guys over at JLN Labs have been working on lots of other interesting stuff for years.

I'm also wondering where the energy comes from, if it, in the slightest chance, actually works? The earths magnetic field, or Zero Point? In the first case, will the energy drain eventually slow down the earths spin? In the latter case, will we cause a drop in the Higgs field to a lower energy level and wipe out the entire universe?

Maybe the latter? The Mayans predicted everything would change in 2012. That gives them 6 years to sell enough of these things to destroy life, the universe and everything.

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