Friday, July 29, 2005

Beautiful People Site Ugly

I found out about this new web site through a Yahoo! News Article this morning. Of course, considering myself incredibly beautiful (!) I thought I should take a look.

As a Firefox user the first message I got was that I had to use IE " is only supported by Internet Explorer." Doh!. For they are surprisingly dumb. At the bottom of the message is a link that says " If you do not wish to update your browser but would like to continue even though BeautifulPeople will not work as is intended, click here:"

So I did. What I got was, as expected, as mess:
Pretty Ugly.

So, to find out what its all about I had to swallow my pride and us IE (which I also have to browser compatibility testing). Looks like they've gone with a pretty complex window (actually floating IFRames) approach with lots of JavaScript and that's why it doesn't work in FF.

The site basically uses a membership by approval scheme. In order to do much there, you have to create a profile, which I did, and add a picture. Most of the pictures of guys are from some model portfolio, and probably not real, so I added my cartoon BXCellent gif for a laugh. In order for me to become a member I have three days in which to gain enough votes to be deemed beautiful. I do have access to others profiles, but can't vote until I'm a member.

The most popular woman and guy are both "moderators" - go figure.

I'll check back in a few days to see if my cartoon made it as a member. I'm not holding out much hope...


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